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Skip Hire Poole

We offer skip hire services to businesses and organisations across Poole and the surrounding area. If you need a quality skip at a cost-effective rate, we can offer you the solutions you need. Just call our experts today!

Skip Sizes:

Capacity: Cubic Metres
4 yd3
6 yd3
8 yd3
12 yd3

Volume: In Bags

Span: Metrical m

Span: Imperial feet

Width: Metrical m

Width: Imperial feet

Height: Metrical m

Height: Imperial feet

What can be put in the Skip?
There are several limitations:

Hefty wastes (soils, bricks or concrete) mustn’t be put in almost any container larger than an 8 yard. Bigger containers are accessible for larger light bulk stuff.

Over weight loads for the vehicle carrying out the haulage
Any contents surpassing a level load
Hazardous Waste, an additional disposal fee will implement
Electric appliances, Fluorescent light tubes, Batteries
Fridges, Freezers and Air conditioning units, TV’s as well as Monitors
Clinical or Medical Waste, Hazardous stuff
Large tree trunks

Why Pick Local Waste Management for your Dumpster?
A real time tracking of all vehicles enables reliable scheduled collections.

Recycling Reports
Data for Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) can be provided in collaboration with Construction Operators.
Services could be reserved for 24 hours seven days a week; out of hour’s fees may apply.

The best way to Order a Dumpster?
To organize a delivery, an exchange or a collection just:

Call us today on 01202 805 420 or Complete our On-Line Request Form.

Please ensure that satisfactory access to the dumpster is accessible for the dumpster lorry to load the dumpster.

You will also have to think about where you’ll set the dumpster. A normal skip lorry is about 9ft broad, 22ft long and has a gross weight of around 17 tonnes using a full dumpster. You will need to bear this in mind should you require the dumpster placed in a enclosed or weak space (such as very narrow roads or weak bridges, behind houses etc.). You cannot locate a dumpster right below low trees.

Otherwise, you will need to consider placing the dumpster in another location, for example on the public highway. If availability is an issue, then contact a member of the Transportation team on 020 7232 1711 option 1, as we can still offer alternate waste disposal services apart from dumpster hire.

A permit is required in the event the skip will be put on a public highway. Waste Management Poole is competent to supply permits when you place your order, for a small additional fee. Licenses are usually accessible 3-5 working days, in some cases sooner.

Who’s responsible for the Dumpsters’ waste?
You are officially responsible for the contents of the dumpster you hire. You have to ensure that the waste disposed in the dumpster is suited to general disposal and that the dumpster is not overloaded.

An overloaded dumpster is a risk. The lorry may struggle to lift the dumpster, as well as your overfilled waste can be dangerous to other people as the dumpster is being lifted or transported. The contents of a dumpster should not exceed the height of the dumpster’s sides.

In case your dumpster is overloaded, the dumpster lorry driver reserves the right to either remove the excess waste from the dumpster, or refuse to eliminate the skip completely.

Please be aware that you need to never set fire to the waste in your dumpster.

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