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Our Sustainability Business Solutions for Our Customers
At Waste Management Poole , we help our clients by giving alternatives that protect people and brands, encourage health, and safeguard the environment. Environmental protection and support of sustainable solutions for our company and for yours are critical components of our services. Find out more about our solutions for company sustainability, our sustainable transfer initiatives, as well as the greening of our plant businesses.

Waste Management Poole is proud to supply customers with a broad portfolio of services which are made specifically to help you be environmentally accountable and achieve your “green” targets while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our sustainability solutions for our customers comprise:

Our Sharps Management Service (SMS) is a comprehensive, proactive sharps disposal service for hospitals that features eco-friendly reusable Bio Systems containers. Our SMS has reduced the number of accidental needlesticks among hospital workers and prevented more than 140 million sharps containers from entering landfills.

Our Pharmaceutical Waste Alternatives are designed to prevent pharmaceuticals designated as waste from going into the water table. local waste management offers services to physicians, hospitals, retail pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies for the correct identification and destruction of pharmaceutical waste.

Our Integrated Waste Flow Solution (IWSS) program centralizes the management of hospital waste, 80% of which is highly controlled. This incorporated service focuses on environmental best practices, training to comply with complex national and local regulations in addition to Joint Commission Standards. With this program, hospitals have raised recycling from less than 10% of all waste to greater than 35%.

Waste Management Poole StrongPak offers retail establishments a turnkey expert solution for the proper disposal of all retail wastes, including hazardous wastes and pharmaceuticals, while maintaining strict adherence with regulatory requirements for such wastes.

Waste Management Poole expert sustainability provides a complete line of services to handle unsalable products, byproducts, and nonperforming inventory for manufacturing companies, vendors, and research & development (R&D) facilities.

All our services and internal sustainable actions are completely consistent with our core function which includes safeguarding the environment. This fuels our determination to not only supply sustainability services, but in addition to lead by example. In our own company, we seek methods to reduce our environmental impact in every functional region. Our on-going aims of waste minimization and recovery continue year after year, and we view all wastes as prospective chances for recycling or alternative use.

Since 2001, we’ve focused on minimizing using incineration. We help you properly and handily segregate (separate) your waste streams. This reduces the need for incineration; except when legally demanded. We’ve been able to shut many of our incinerator facilities, and we’ve assisted hundreds of customers in closing their onsite incinerators.

Recycling of corrugated cardboard is executed in the majority of our controlled waste treatment facilities and is an element of our expert sustainability service, which manages unsalable products, byproducts, and nonperforming inventory.

We habitually evaluate energy efficiency throughout local waste management , and we’ve finished lighting surveys at 55% of our facilities. Our transition to high-efficiency lighting was finished in 14 locations, saving more than 970,000 kilowatts (kwh) of electricity annually.

Our boiler use programs focus on maximizing in use efficiency and minimizing energy use during downtime. Through this initiative alone, we’ve seen a 13.5% reduction in the daily use of therms at sites that have completed execution.

Instead of diesel or propane powered lifts, electrical forklifts are required for all new leases. Besides being energy-efficient, electrical forklifts eliminate the fumes and air discharges in our plants. We have already put 13 electrical forklifts into service.

Use of the latest emission control systems is essential to our dedication to clean air standards. All our plants meet or surpass state and local standards for air discharges. Our plant teams carefully and continuously track air quality. As new technology becomes available, we’ll continue to evaluate these improvements.

We introduced hybrid vehicles as test vehicles within local waste management during 2010 and 2011. We are now assessing their overall fuel performance and dependability to ensure overall higher fuel efficiency.

We introduced CNG vehicles into our fleet during 2012. Compared to diesel fuel, CNG burns cleaner and creates less carbon emissions for every mile driven. As each new technology is established within our fleet, we are committed to moving forward with additional rollouts.

The addition of routing software systems permits us to plan our driving routes better, therefore making the same amount of stop with the use of fewer trucks and fewer miles driven. We are evaluating vehicle telemetry, a method which uses mobile-established technology within each vehicle. This technology captures engine data and truck movement. Focusing on safety and fuel efficiency, we can reduce incidences of aggressive driving, speeding, and stagnating time. Preliminary results suggest that this technology may yield greater than 5% savings in fuel efficiency over baselines.

Our vehicle specifications play a crucial role in fuel reduction, minimizing environmental impact. We’ve executed several vehicle controls to minimize environmental impact.

These settings commonly reduce the top driving rate by 3 to 5 mph, which results in approximately 0.5 to 1 miles per gallon (mpg) in additional fuel efficiency. If a vehicle idels for 5 minutes, its preset ignition automatically shuts off the engine. Automated manual transmissions are normal in on our route trucks, raising the fuel efficiency of our straight trucks by more than 7%. Fairings deflect wind and rain, reducing drag and accentuating the aerodynamics of vehicles. Our trailer fairings improved fuel efficiency 6-8%. In the year 2012, we added fairing to all our long haul trucks.

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